San Francisco Bay Area Vending Services

Tamalpais Vending Co. provides vending, coffee, kitchen, and water filtration and maintenance services serving Bay Area and San Francisco. Our headquarter  is located in Richmond, CA to better serve our customers faster and efficiently.

We have been operating all over the Bay Area in cities like Santa Rosa, Napa, Vallejo, San Rafael, Richmond, Oakland, Alameda, all the way to San Jose. Expanding over the years led us to extend our services in San Francisco, South San Francisco, Daly City, Mountain View, San Mateo, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara.

Tamalpais Vending is a company that offers businesses an opportunity to enhance their employees’ efficiency and productivity through providing basic necessities; food and drinks. We believe that businesses improve their quality of operations  if convenience to access food and beverage is offered, simply because of its benefits: it takes away the stress of having to drive to the nearest store or fast food and it saves employees time. What is the result? Improved quality of work.

We Also Promote Healthy Foods Task Force!

appgeTamalpais Vending completely supports the implementation healthy food and beverages! We believe that the public has the right to pick the food and drinks they want to consume and so offering healthy items is another best option for them.

We have a huge list of less or no salt snack items, energy bars, trail mix, baked snacks, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, organic teas and coffee, salads, and sandwiches. Imagine having this healthy items available to your employees, that’s simply saying you care about them.

Services that we offer:

  • Micro Market
  • Free Vend Company Kitchen
  • Coffee and Water Services
  • Beverage and Food Vending Services