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Tamalpais Vending Co provides soda vending machine services serving San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Vacaville, and more. We are locally located in Richmond, CA for more prompt service. We have highly trained drivers to restock and clean the machines to guarantee customers satisfaction. We have 4-6 hours response time to send our professional technicians for our repair calls.

We can also provide school-approved healthy drinks, if you wish healthier diet, such as diet drink products, sport drinks, and energy drinks.

We are flexible.

Our selections are very flexible from carbonated drinks like Coke and Pepsi products to healthy drinks like water and milk. You also have the option to have 100% healthy vending to only vend healthy drinks like water, milk, flavored water, and much more.

Our soda machines are mostly equipped with energy misers and have Energy Star Rating. Which only means that a regular soda machine will cost approximately $8/month on PG&E. We now started implementing LED lights in our equipments which will bring the power consumption down even more. Credit card readers are also optional. Employees / customers that don’t carry cash can now buy the drinks they want.

A few of our major product providers are below.

coca_cola_logo1logo_pepsi Snapple_logo_1C_p_t  logo_starbucks



We do not want unsatisfied and unhappy customers that is why we always make sure you get the best exceptional service.

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